“Mi corazón está lleno de lástima por tí, joven político académico”. Cita de la semana

Escrita por F. M. Cornford en 1908, sigue siendo igualmente válida en nuestros tiempos. Microscosmographia Academica es una crítica a la política académica de la Universidad de Cambridge. Esta obra llegó a mi conocimiento gracias al libro Letters to a young contrarian de Christopher Hitchens. Aunque tiene más de un siglo de antigüedad, pareciera que Cornford estuviera hablando de nuestra mismísima universidad estatal. Aquí se los dejo:

My heart is full of pity for you, o young academic politician. If you will be a politician you have a painful path to follow, even though it be a short one, before you nestle down into a modest incompetence. While you are young you will be oppressed, and angry, and increasingly disagreeable. When you reach middle age, at five-and-thirty, you will become complacent and, in your turn, an oppressor; those whom you oppress will find you still disagreeable; and so will all the people whose toes you trod upon in youth. It will seem to you then that you grow wiser every day, as you learn more and more of the reasons why things should not be done, and understand more fully the peculiarities of powerful persons, which make it quixotic even to attempt them without first going through an amount of squaring and lobbying sufficient to sicken any but the most hardened soul. If you persist to the threshold of old age — your fiftieth year, let us say — you will be a powerful person yourself, with an accretion of peculiarities which other people will have to study in order to square you. The toes you will have trodden on by this time will be as the sands on the sea-shore; and from far below you will mount the roar of a ruthless multitude of young men in a hurry. You may perhaps grow to be aware what they are in a hurry to do. They are in a hurry to get you out of the way.

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