Interface offices for Industry, Academy and State applied to ICT sectors

Por Javier Gramajo

Project Definition

With the participation of under graduate and graduate Computer Science Engineering students, and Engineering professors (Academic) we want to develop an interface office that create the conditions to solve problems of Industry, supported by Government who creates the  conditions to develop research (Basic and Applied research, in the future we can develop experimental research) mainly to SMEs. The under graduate students will make the research to create the operational manuals; the graduate students will develop a state of the art of the compromises, laws, politics, university rules, ICT national Plan, R+D+I National Plan etc; Professors will give their time to develop a road map with their vision of the project and the work of students. We plan to create the office outside of the Universities that because we believe that we can get more results without bureaucracy, proper of the big institutions. One part of the project is to identify the things related with Intellectual Property one of the main concerns of the researchers and industry.


  • Academy
  • Industry
  • State

Actual Results

We started with interviews to the institutions and professionals of the ICT sector (most of them from the ICT cluster), to know their point of view of the project, identifying problems, solutions strategies and actors related with the project also we have the partial results of the state of the art.

This project was presented to the Guatemalan ICT cluster June 2008, ICT European Commission (EC) Workshop held in April 2008 Guatemala, we also had talks with organizations from Latin America and we get a partial Network for the future relations (7FP EC Workshop held in November 2007, Antigua Guatemala). We will present this project in ESOF 2008 workshop that will take place in Barcelona (July 2008), we actually have interview with Brussels EC officials, the ICT-EC give us partial support to travel and participate (LAC-ACCESS program).


Financial support of national and international organizations, Experts support of countries that develop their national strategies based on ICT sectors.



Acerca de Javier Gramajo

Javier is one the most active young scientists working in Guatemala. He develops his work as a full professor at the Faculty of Engineering of ‘Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala’ which is Guatemala’s national university. His work is related with artificial intelligence, he proposed several initiatives applied to generate tools that promote small business companies, using semantic web. Javier is the current president of the Informatics and Information Technologies (ITC sector) sub commission at the National Council of Science and Technology (CONCYT). In this position he proposed several initiatives such as: Law Initiative proposal to promote the research work and the incorporation of researchers at universities and research institutes in Guatemala. ‘Converciencia’, reunites all the national and international Guatemalan researchers, this annual conference has become during the past few years a big scenario to promote and develop scientific politics with the support of Guatemalan vice president, all the universities and part of the private sector and all the initiatives that Javier Gramajo-López has proposed have been a great contribution to the final purpose of this kind of conferences: Create the basis of new opportunities to researchers in Guatemala. With other Guatemalan researchers Javier Gramajo-López has also created a blog called ‘guateciencia’ ( that has been visited around 12,000 times, from 25 different countries. In that blog Guatemalan researchers show their ideas and work. Javier is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher who is very popular with students that he motivates to be hard working and creative. He has also appeared in several local publications as: newspapers, magazines and blogs, probably this partially shows his leadership in Guatemalan society. Working conditions for a scientist in Guatemala are very poor and each of the accomplishments that Javier has managed to achieve implies a great effort and motivation from his part. Having myself studied and worked in Guatemala I appreciate very much the effort that very few people, like Javier, are making to improve the level of science in the country by working inside the country despite all the difficulties typical of developing countries. Fernando Quevedo
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